Our school established the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in 2002 to uphold the school’s mission, facilitate the relationship between parents and the school, allow parents and the school to exchange views on educational issues, and enable children to learn and grow actively and happily. The PTA co-organizes different types of activities and talks with the school for parents and children, which promote friendly relationships among parents, so they can support each other and foster parent-child relationship.


Committee List of 2022-2023 Parent-Teacher Association


Parent Committee/Teacher Committee


Ms. 范詠詩(Parent of 江禮諾)

Vice Chairman

Ms. 陳幗妍  (Parent of 陳垠瀚)

Principal Ms. 何婉嫺


Ms. 張鳳華 (Parent of 麥穎兒)


Director Ms. 周頌茵


Ms. 羅嘉泳 (Parent of 林美彤 / 林美君)

Teacher Ms. 屠恩蓉

Recreation and Education

Ms. 周淑敏 (Parent of 黃心懌)

Ms. 甘煥霞 (Parent of 彭晉楓 / 彭晉橒)

Teacher Ms. 古家琪

Liaison and General Affairs

Ms. 黃少英 (Parent of 林紫柔)

Ms. 黃淑春 (Parent of 温方源)

Teacher Ms. 羅烯涂